Improving quality
  Increasing productivity
  Create Demos
  Create presentations
  Automate recurring tasks
  Reduce the work stress
  Save your working time
  Automate system maintain
  Application launcher
   Relax the hands and wrists
  Stand a lone macros
  Unlimited e-mail support

Perfect Macro Recorder

Perfect Macro Recorder records keystrokes, mouse events, and clicks then you can replay them later, You can also convert this macro to an executable file [*.exe] that can be run stand alone without Perfect Macro Recorder.

Key benefits:

Keyboard and Mouse Macro Recorder
Perfect Macro Recorder save all the movements of mouse and keyboard and play them later then you can use Perfect Macro Recorder to play them later with different speeds(slow,high,normal).

Replay using a global hot key
You can replay macros using global hot keys. A global hot key is a key combination such as "Ctrl+Alt+S".
Give a long vacation to your hands and wrists
Perfect Macro Recorder can also help to reduce the pain on your hands and wrists.

Automate your everyday tasks without any programming knowledge
The main advantage of using a macro recorder is to allows a user to easily perform complex operations over and over that may not be feasible without custom computer programming / scripting.

Maintenance of your computer
Maintenance your computer or network With Perfect Macro Recorder.

Create a stand a lone macro
Convert your macro to an executable file which runs stand a lone on any computer.

Record test scenarios and save them to individual .EXEs to be run later.

System Requirements
Intel Pentium, Celeron, AMD or compatible processor Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista

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